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Aloha Noël: Le calendrier de l’avent PURELEI est de retour!

/ Sandra Schindler

Fernweh 🌴🌊

Fernweh 🌴🌊

Aloha 🌺

My name is Sandra and as we now sell our new beach towels, I wanted share my thoughts about being at the beach and of course my two favorite beaches :)

The most amazing beaches I have been to are in Australia - especially the little and hidden ones like Coogee Beach.

But also in Thailand there have been some very beautiful beaches like Phra Nang Beach. The water there is crystal clear and by far the warmest I have ever jumped in. 

After jumping into the water I can imagine that everyone likes to warm up and hear some music in the sun. There´s no better way than to do it on our brand new beach towels! The best thing about it is that you can lie down with your partner or friend because they are so big that there is plenty of space for at least two people :) So really a MUST HAVE for your next vacation!

I also like to just go to the bar and grab an ice-cold drink! Guess what…just pull your towel around you and you look just perfect.

Aloha 🌺


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